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Scalable software the right way. The first time.


Premium Full Service Software Consulting
Your success is our success. From prelaunch strategy roadmapping, to implementation and maintenance support, we offer consulting services for every stage of your process. Our advisory services are extended throughout any contracted engagement with our developers to ensure continued excellence, and are also available on an as-needed basis to tackle your challenges and keep your business running smoothly.

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Dev Shop on Demand
We leverage our local community of engineers, developers, and specialists to build diverse, hand-selected teams, specifically suited to create your custom mobile or web application. Because we build teams around your needs, our products and solutions aren’t limited by language or platform. This empowers our consultants to offer innovative and strategic recommendations on cutting-edge software to accomplish your business goals and actualize your vision.

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We know what it’s like to strategize and staff for large and complex projects. By leveraging our industry experience and business intelligence through an initial consultation, we equip our clients with the game plan and insight required to move projects forward powerfully.

“Jam Packed Tech has gained my trust, and gets an A+ from me.”
– Thomas Miranda, CEO

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Our Core Values
We work with technology professionals who are:

Diversity of talent is paramount to the success of the technology industry. The power of having variety of mind, culture, experience, education, gender, background, and physical ability is the secret sauce that inspires cohesive teams. We understand just how these perfect blends of technical talent and cultural fit work to enhance the performance of your team.

We recognize the benefit of close collaboration and talent with local availability during the development of fast-paced, innovative projects. Our leadership works hard to bring local technical talent together, sourcing and hiring technology professionals who are capable of keeping up to speed with your project, and adept at changing directions as your needs evolve. 

Highly Qualified
Drawing from the broad backgrounds of our leadership in both business and technology, we save you time by submitting a shortlist of the right talent the first time. We secure technical experts who are qualified based on their knowledge and industry experience as relevant to your project, as well as their personal fit for your company culture.

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We’re always looking to collaborate with creative minds!
We offer opportunities to work with us or our clients
on a full-time, part-time, or project basis.
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We are located in Downtown Austin, and are ready to grow your business or career.
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We know that qualified, creative, and inspired talent is essential to the success of your business. The Jam Packed Tech community builds real relationships with local developers to create cohesive and collaborative teams so that you can be assured that your technology is handled properly.

We can’t wait to see your objectives achieved, and look forward to connecting!

  • St. David’s Foundation

    I was referred to Jam Packed Tech when I was looking for a local developer to support and maintain our homegrown web application. Lidiya was very gracious with her time, clarifying and defining the scope of the many different technologies required to complete our project. We also had a great experience working with the developer that Lidiya connected us with, and feel that Jam Packed Tech did a great job finding the appropriate balance between rate and the level of experience we needed. Overall, I really enjoyed working with the Jam Packed Tech team to accomplish our goals – they were knowledgeable, friendly, and positive professionals!

    St. David’s Foundation
  • Sparkovation

    When our project was under an expedited timeline, Lidiya and Steve strategized a web app solution that quickly proceeded from idea to finished product. We have relied on Jam Packed Tech as our primary resource for both mobile app and web development, and I would absolutely recommend them for projects requiring both quality and a quick time to market. I have found Jam Packed Tech to be reliable and responsive, in correspondence and in meeting my business needs. Jam Packed Tech has gained my trust, and gets an A+ from me.

  • Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

    Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our GAHCC Technology Symposium mobile app. You completed the work swiftly and completely with little time to prepare. I was impressed with the way you were able to uncover information like the biographies of each panelists without us supplying you with much. Your job was very thorough.

    The app looked great and was user friendly. The information provided by the app was relevant to the event including a map, an agenda, and pictures and bios of all the panelists. Accessing the different screens within the app was easy. I look forward to using it again for our Technology Symposium 2014. Thanks again for your efforts. I am looking forward to working with you again.

    Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce