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Develop Your Coding Skills Like Will.I.Am

Will.I.Am knows code? Yes, in fact he believes people who don’t are missing out. Will.I.Am is one demonstration of how essential coding is in today’s tech dependent world.


Here’s what Will.I.Am had to say about why the ability to code is such a valuable skill set, that he is investing in himself:

“We all depend on technology to communicate, to bank information, and none of us know how to read and write code.”


Although Will.I.Am is well known in the entertainment industry, he’s not the only prominent figure who looks at code as a valuable tool to have in your toolbox of nifty technology skills. Chris Bosh, NBA All-star for the Miami Heat also has a lot to say about coding.


A coder in college himself, Chris understands the challenges that come with learning code. Bosh believes that is why many people shy away from coding. Here’s what NBA All-star had to say:

“Coding is something that can be learned and I know it can be intimidating. A lot of things are intimidating, but you know, what isn’t?”

-Chris Bosh

Every new challenge we are presented with has an intimidation factor that goes along with it. However, as Chris suggests doing, overcoming the struggles to develop a skill set that is vastly beneficial is worthwhile.

Entrepeneur Hadi Partovi, creator and founder of, understands and explains that learning the ropes of code will enable you to create almost anything you want.


Hadi can’t emphasize enough the power behind more people starting to code:

“Whether you’re trying to make a lot of money or whether you just want to change the world, Computer programming is an incredibly empowering skill to learn.”

-Hadi Partovi

Want to make a lot of money? Want to change the world? These three successful influencers are only the beginning of those who will tell you from experience to start by learning to code. Looking for some more inspiration? Check out the video from below for more influencers who acknowledge the impact that learning to code had on their success!

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