Your success is our success. From pre launch strategy road-mapping, to implementation, maintenance, and support, we offer technology consulting services for every stage of your process.

With experience in software design, development, implementation, quality assurance and product support, our consulting services are built on a deep understanding of functional requirements as well as business objectives of software products including its market viability, user acquisition, and product scalability.

Our advisory services are extended throughout any contracted engagement with our developers to ensure continued excellence, and are also available on an as-needed basis to tackle your technical and managerial challenges to keep your business running smoothly.

Startup Consulting

The full range of our consulting services include full development and implementation cycles and deliver competitive advantages to our clients by providing guidance in the areas of IT and software development which enable our clients to make product and business decisions in the beginning and throughout product and business stages of development and growth. To meet our clients business objectives, we offer best possible fit options which range from one time consulting session to outsourced IT partner services.

Business Plan Review

Pitch Deck Review

Static Prototypes
Interactive Prototypes

Develop Minimal Viable Product
Sketchy Wireframes
Application Architecture
Database Architecture
Web Application
Mobile Applications

Field Research
Face to face interviewing
Creation of user tests
A/B Testing
Creating personas
Gathering and Writing requirements
User Interface
Product design
Interaction design
Information architecture
Interface layout
Interface design
Visual design
Terminology creation
Gathering and organising statistics