Mobile Online Presence and Apps

With the increasing number of mobile device users these days, it is becoming more important that businesses take a closer look on how their information is viewed on these screens. Make sure to view your web site and social media sites from smart phones, iPads, or other devices to decide whether any adjustments need to be made in these areas.

There are also many ways to take advantage of mobile applications.  Lidiya Sizonova is the owner of Jam Packed Mobile, a company that builds custom mobile apps from the ground up that address a business’ unique needs and extend their mobile presence. “Today mobile apps are not just a functionality and content of a website designed to fit onto small screens of cell phones and tablets. Since businesses’ goal is to be available and stay connected to customers looking to perform specific tasks from the devices of their choice, many businesses expended their outreach to their customers through well designed and engineered mobile apps.”

Apps prove to be best for providing specific functionalities and/or needed data without overwhelming consumers with additional information not needed at the time of inquiry. “These days, mobile apps come with powerful technologies that collect and offer data and services in a variety of ways. It is up to businesses to leverage this kind of information well by putting it in use into right places, through a user friendly interface, and satisfying one highly targeted need at a time. This in return offers an experience users expect, adds value to the brand and has a positive impact on business’ bottom line,” Continued Sizonova.

Mobile devices have a major impact on online usage. Every day more people access internet via their mobile devices, which eventually becomes the preferred way to connecting with the world. Many companies are using mobile apps to boost brand awareness and affinity. Businesses are seeing continuous growth of sales done via mobile devices.

“It is important to be where your customers are, know what they want, like and expect and meet them there.”  Lidiya Sizonova of Jam Packed Mobile.

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