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Overview of Benefits of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Advertisement

     We are happy to announce that our company now offers website development, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing services. This is an organic growth for our company and is based on popular demand to accompany mobile app development and app promotion.

Search Engine Optimization: 

Visibility in the marketplace – Being seen is fundamental to any business and search engines are one of the keys to online visibility.

Crucial Part of Online Marketing – Without SEO you’re developing a web presence in a vacuum. SEO controls the visibility of the online presence to target business objectives. Visibility amongst competitors is only possible with search engine optimization.

Cost/Benefit – SEO can increase your sales without proportionately increasing your marketing costs, thereby growing profits exponentially and over time.

Integration with overall marketing strategy – Paying for search engine strategy and optimization cost less than brute force advertising.

Preparation for larger marketing efforts – Effective SEO can decrease overall advertising expenditures by placing you in a position where you may enjoy basic online marketplace visibility. Properly building your online presence on the solid foundation of a search engine optimized site translates into aggregate savings because you do not not have to bear the dollar-for-dollar expense of bringing your site to the marketplace through ad campaigns. SEO allows you to begin your marketing campaigns with a focus on sales-targeted advertising that has been proven to result in more revenues.

Free advertising and visibility as a trickle down benefit – SEO gives sites the opportunity to be featured in search results when search terms are organically relevant to the site, client’s content or services.

Integration with Social media and sharing – SEO makes it easy for customers to share, which is a critical component of any marketing strategy.

Builds trust and credibility with consumers – When a site shows up in organic search results as relevant to a consumer’s query, customers are more trusting than they would be if the site were to show up as a sponsored result.

Social Media: 

Some Stats:

72 percent of respondents said social media Increases website traffic

Improved Search Rankings – (62%)

New Partnerships – (59%)

Better Sales – (48%)

Reduction in Marketing Costs – (59% for self- employed, 58% for small businesses)

Clients using social media approach were twice as likely to increase leads

Consumer Expectations: 

  • Consumers expect visibility on social networks and if a company is not found, certain groups of consumers won’t look further to find them.
  • Today consumers expect companies to be engaged in online communities.
  • Social media is an opportunity to provide casual information and interaction with potential customers. This is particularly effective with customers who do not seek formalized information outlets for purchasing decisions.
  • Social media easiest and often first place that consumers will look for a company.

Social media increases recognizability and avoids visibility issues.

– If a company does not exist in the social media forum there’s no way to control the message or casual perceptions of consumers about the company and what it does.

Communication via social media provides companies with a quick way to address issues

– Companies can respond to consumer comments and issues on the spot, which is in line with the speed that consumers  have grown to expect.

– Recent studies have indicated that online shoppers acknowledge organizations that react to  client grievances.

Social media allows companies to provide their services in a forum customers have come to expect them in, and also gives them an advantage of being able to offer incentives tailored to the customers available in this informal arena.


Spending Money on Advertising

       Spending money on SEO (and relevant content that engages the consumer’s interest) is also more effective then spending on Google Adwords or other online ads, in part because the website or specific article is going to organically show up in search results and continue to stay there, as opposed to an ad which is only there temporarily.

An organic search result is also triggered by matching the search term with content on the site, meaning the visitor is much more likely to actually be interested in the content and staying on the site if they arrived via an organic search versus an ad.

The more that people reach your site through search engine results, the more that keyword or search phrase is reinforced with Google and hence continues to increase traffic from organic Google searches.

Advertising on Facebook has a much higher ROI than Google cost per click or similar platforms. Facebook can hone in on very specific demographics (age, gender, state, city, zip code, interests, companies), and the ad that comes into their feed can send the consumer directly to a page or article on your website, so you can both target your demographic and feed them the content that interests them at the same time.

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