Startup Weekend

I was representing Jam Packed Mobile at the Startup Weekend Education at the Capital Factory in Austin which took place on Friday, July 25th through Sunday, July 27th. What a great way to spend a weekend meeting talented developers, knowledgable coaches, energetic and smart entrepreneurs and, last but not least, dedicated volunteers and organizers.

People with different skill sets, professional and educational backgrounds, and life experiences can learn at  such events. The agenda is great for whatever challenge one might want to conquer; either it’s to polish up one’s pitching skills to successfully raise funds, to challenge one’s coding abilities by getting a minimum viable product deployed in just two days, to learn something new about your own strengths and weaknesses, or to discover new passions in life. Seek and you shall find!

I truly enjoyed the event as it provided me with an opportunity to meet and work on a team of very passionate software developers, a  successful entrepreneur, and now a future entrepreneur, Jake Nathan. Jake is 16 years old and came to the event to pitch his idea which can help students to be more successful in school. His idea was chosen by the majority of the attendees, publishers, and teachers. Even though there were other projects that caught my attention, I wanted to help Jake with business aspects of his project. Our due diligence process was used to assess viability of Jake’s idea, and suitable advice was then given. I really enjoyed watching Jake discovering what entrepreneurism is like and having fun test driving it. As everybody else, I am very proud for Jake’s decision to pitch his idea and impressed with all his efforts to win the competition. All team members worked very hard and not without some healthy laughter on quite a few occasions!

Click on the link for a short video and transcript about the event and Jake.

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